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Call Center Wrap Up

Empower your call center staff

Gather data from staff after a member interaction using guided questions and branching choices. Based on the answers selected, creates records in KeyStone on the person and account level that can be used to run reports, or for future member interactions.

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Designed to streamline post-call processes and gather valuable data. This UI script provides a consistent, user friendly form to record details from member interactions, that connects with Keystone.

Our script goes beyond basic reporting by automatically inserting interaction records at both the person and account levels.

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Based on choices selected by staff during the call, these records provide a comprehensive view of member interactions that drive operational efficiency and enhance member experiences.

Using KeyInsight, Call Center Wrap Up provides follow up notes, allowing your credit union to track engagement and tailor future interactions to individual member preferences.

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How can Call Center Wrap Up help you?

Let us know what your credit union needs are and how our Call Center Wrap Up script can help your employees. Leave us your info and we will contact you to set up a meeting.

More Information

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