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Discover more about your members! Our Core Data Reports give you access to a wealth of knowledge stored within KeyStone.


Design, embed, and manage reports & analytics with Jaspersoft, a flexible, customizable, and developer-friendly BI platform. It is already available to you as part of the KeyStone package. Key CUSO can create new reports, or customize any of the many reports already built in the Jaspersoft report library.

Tableau Business Intelligence

Do more with your member data. Connect KeyStone and your data warehouse in Tableau, an industry leading tool for analyzing and visualizing data. Generate reports and dashboards that give a big-picture overview of your members and their full relationship to your credit union.

Featured Reports

Report Name General Description
Courtesy Pay Charged Off and Recovery Provides courtesy pay fees and recovery transaction detail.
Loan File Maintenance Provides loan file maintenance transactions on all loans.
NSF Count Shows NSF counts for all member accounts.
File Maintenance – Official Loans Shows file maintenance changes in loans for Board Members and Officers.
FASB 91 Full Report Gives all FASB 91 records with all the FASB types.
Report Name General Description
Escrow Dashboard Displays escrow payment methods (general ledger, check) information.
Automatic Loan Transfer Shows automatic transfer details for all the loans.
New Loans Total Gives all new loans for previous month for each loan processor.
Negative Accounts with
Days Count Dashboard
Displays  all the negative accounts with number of days.
Indirect Loans – New & Used Auto Gives all the indirect auto loans detail.
Report Name General Description
Consumer Loan Changes File maintenance changes on all the consumer loans.
Mortgage Loan Changes Weekly file maintenance report for mortgages.
Business Loan Changes Weekly file maintenance report for business loans.
Loan Audit Report for Sr. Lenders to review the underwriting criteria on funded loans.
Loan Profitability by Pool Provides net yield for loan pools after charge offs, expenses, and cost of funds.
Report Name General Description
Member Detail per Age Group Displays member information per age group.
Credit Cardholders Lists current cardholders for target marketing purposes.
Members not using e-statements Displays all the members who are not using e-statements.
Debit Cardholders Lists current cardholders for target marketing purposes.
Auto Loan Payoffs <= 6 Months Gives auto loans with payoff dates of 6 months or less.
Report Name General Description
File Maintenance – Share Type Displays monthly file maintenance on all share types.
ATM Data Shows monthly card file maintenance.
Fee Reversals Monitors fee reversals completed by front line staff.
Membership File Maintenance Displays monthly file maintenance on deposit accounts.
SDB Detail Per Branch Provides Safe Deposit Box inventory.
Report Name General Description
Non – Escrowed Taxes Monitors the payment of real estate taxes for loans without escrow.
Vendor Tax Line Changes Gives daily maintenance on escrow accounts and changes on member’s loan.
Escrow Overage Gives details on escrow overages.
Mortgage – Tax Provides detailed information on escrow accounts and tax payments.

How Can Key CUSO Help?

Whether you’re analyzing member behavior, trying to develop more effective marketing strategies, or working with a vendor, our Core Data Reports provide you with the information you need to get great results.

As with all Key CUSO products, each of our reports are customizable and can be built to fit your credit union’s individual needs

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Feel free to reach out to one of our CUSO staff members for more information on this, and other services we offer.

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