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ACH Name Mismatch

Stay ahead of potential ACH discrepancies

Dynamically track name mismatches from incoming ACH files, and creates an interaction in KeyStone for each. This script allows credit union staff to review and verify the transactions, and helps prevent future mismatches.


Presents a list that indicates postings with an ACH Name Mismatch. Clicking on these items will show the details of the posting.

View the Account that is reported to have a name mismatch so it can be reviewed by credit union staff.


Mark Good and Save to prevent future mismatches, or Flag as fraud for further verification.

How can ACH Name Mismatch help you?

Let us know what your credit union needs are and how the ACH Name Mismatch UI script can help your employees. Leave us your info and we will contact you to set up a meeting.

More Information

Feel free to reach out to one of our CUSO staff members for more information on this, and other services we offer.


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